Tips to get traffic from social networking sites

Organic traffic is vital for online business. Now the question frames in mind is how to get traffic on website? Appearance of a website on the first page of search engine from a targeted keyword presents personality of a site and traffic will automatically drive. For an example, if you post something and nobody knows about that post, your post is worthless. It means identity is crucial. Top rank on search engine provides identity to a site and people get familiar with you. Nowadays to book ranking on search engines, you need to know a chunk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization).

Some social media optimization techniques (SMO) are discussing here to get superior traffic on websites. Social networking websites play a key role in SMO. Now, let’s take a look at social networking sites.

One of the social networking site Facebook, having largest medium of traffic because it is used by millions of people everyday but the question is how we can use this traffic for our site?

Social networking sites like Facebook have integrated features of sharing links, commenting on others post and posting ads, am I right? Then let’s utilize these features for business promotion, post ads, images, discuses business deals and offer with friends and public.

Tweet some remarkable content significant to your business on Twitter. Is any other site for sharing content? Of course, yes. LinkedIn, Tumbler, Agryd, Pinterest  etc. some admire sites for business endorsement. Upgrade your business with quality content sharing at social networking website is like a game; easy, attractive and motivate.

I have seen a very startling fact while researching on social media optimization that forum discussion and blog posting are more productive then liking, sharing, and commenting. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some social networking sites don’t support forum and blog posting.

Agryd is only most popular Indian social networking website which supports all SMO friendly features. It permit you to share images, videos, news, stories along with blog posting and forum posting. This is the only reason that it is the most popular Indian social networking website today.

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