Agryd’s Friend Finder Application – Track your network friends the Most Popular Indian Social Networking Website has launched a Friend Finder application for android mobiles with which people can trace current location of their network friends. It took around 7 months to develop this application and on New Year (2014) it was launched in the market. Within first 3 days more than 700 persons downloaded it from Google Play Store.

Friend Finder

Though it is not a unique application but only very few application provide this feature. Moreover, Agryd is the first social networking website that has introduced this feature. With this feature Agryd friends who have this application installed in their smart phones can tract current location of each other. This tracking is done in two ways: one with GPS (Global Positioning System) and other is via Network Service Provider. In both ways, there will be requirement of internet.

A lot of care has been taken in development of this application to provide precise statistical information. The map provides an accurate location of the friend. If you are driving or travelling, then the marker on the map will keep on tracking you. Agryd users can even track themselves for knowing their current location.

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