Get Alarmed with Agryd’s Location Reminder Application the Most Popular Indian Social Networking Website has launched a Location Reminder application for android mobiles with which people can get alarmed when they pass by some location. This application is beneficial for forgetful persons. The key role of this application is to inform you about the tasks to be done when you pass by that destination. So, whenever you come in 500 meters of diameter of that destination, this application will alarm you about the saved task.

Location Reminder

Though there might be several application of this type but Agryd has become the first social networking website to introduce it. The application works with the help of GPS (Global Positioning System) and internet access is must for functionality. Any number of tasks could be saved in this application. It took around 7 months to develop this application and on New Year (2014) it was launched in the market. Within first 3 days more than 700 persons downloaded it from Google Play Store.

Are also suffering from Athazagoraphobia? Download Agryd’s mobile Application from Google Play Store and get reminded all the time. Hope one day you over come with this disease by using this android application.

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