Growth of Social Networking Websites in India

Though the social networking websites were introduced to web world much earlier but at that moment they were limited to chatting and matchmaking. With the immense response of public towards these websites, several new social networking websites came to existence in between year -2003-2008. During these years we got some of the major social giants like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, and MySpace. However, these websites besides offering chat module were providing several other features which attracted public. Soon after this social networking websites were no more just confined to personal use. They become an effective tool for communication between customers and companies.

Social Networking Websites in India

As per a survey report, around 80% of all internet users visit one or other social networking site daily. Therefore, these websites are the best and effective tool for marketing and promotion of your company’s product and services. A research shows that 57% of total Indian public use internet and 78% of them are having their profile on one or other social networking websites out of which 65% spend more than 2 hours over these social media sites. Social media is gradually becoming an essential and indispensable part of our private and professional life. is the most popular Indian social networking website which offers you a lot of features like chatting, information sharing, polling, blogging, audio/video conferencing, forums, music & videos and lots more.

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