The Romantic Love Story on Indian Social Networking Website

Pushp Nandan (26yrs old), a B.Tech student and Vijeta (24yrs old), a B.Pharma student meet together at social Networking Website – Being from different streams, there was nothing to discuss or share. The only thing which was common is both were love for poetry. Both were good writer. Their day starts and ends with posting poetry on this Indian social networking website. The tone and topic of writing of both was also same.


Chit-Chat on Agryd becomes their routine habit. They spend several hours on website while sharing their interests, posts, photos and videos. This activity went across 3 months. Both of them fallen in love with each other but a fear always revolved around while expressing their views. One day, Nandan mustered all his courage and said to Vijeta that he likes her.  Nandan was on seventh heaven when he heard the words “I also like you” from Vijeta.  From this day both of them started meetings each others. The biggest benefit was that both of them were from same city. They were sometimes found in gardens, sometimes in clubs, sometimes in coffee parlors and sometimes in cinemas. Everything was perfect here like an Indian Love Story but one day Vijeta while crying said to Nandan that her parents has fixed his marriage. Hearing this ground slipped beneath Nandan’s feet. But, at that time the love and affection between both was so much that they could even fight entire world for their union.

Nandan without thinking much placed a marriage proposal in front of Vijeta, upon which she agreed. Due to the spiritual, traditional and aggressive nature of their parents, both of them didn’t tell their parents about their love story. On the day of Vijeta’s marriage both of then left their hometown and did court marriage. Interestingly the witnesses of their marriage were also 2 mutual friends of same Indian Social Networking Website – Both after 2 days made call to their parents and informed about the happening. Since, the family members were worried about their kids; they asked them to return home. Nandan got a tight slap from his father while Vijeta has to hear a lot of harsh words from his dad. But, finally both parents accepted each other. They were then passed through an arrange marriage where all the friends and folks were invited. In this way they got happily married.

Though Agryd was neither a match making website and nor was much popular at that moment but after this incident of their love story, it got viral over internet and this Indian Social Networking Website got a global recognition.

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