5 Ways to Increase Traffic on Website

boost web trafficCompetition of internet marketing is rising day by day. Every business man wishes to appear on internet and wants more traffic on their websites. Here I am describing some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) strategies which are helpful to raise traffic on websites.

1. Forum Commenting

Forum allows you to post a link in the signature back to your website for anyone who is interesting will notice and visit it. As an example some high PR SEO forum are listed here.

2. Blogging and Blog-commenting

Create blogs on social networking websites and update them regularly by posting unique and long content with your site link along with it, you can also comment on others blog. Bellow a list of social networking website has been posted where you can create your own blogs.

3. Share videos, images, and content

Create some interesting and informative videos, images and content relevant to your product and share it between your friends on social networking website. Sharing is one of the best ways to aware folks with your products. Some sites of image sharing, video sharing and content sharing are below.

4. Post and share articles

Write informative articles related to your product and post it on high PR article website with your website’s link in reference box. Share these articles on social networking websites and inspire people to read it.

5. Yahoo Answers

Answer the quarries posted related to your product at yahoo answers communities and notifies the public about your products benefits along with your website’s link as source.

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